Sunday School classes at Trinity are usually discussion-based and more of a group than a teacher-led class.  Connect with others in the Trinity community and spend some of your Sunday in rich, engaging conversation and activities.  Sunday School classes take place at 10:30 am when we are following our regular schedule, 9:30 am when we have a combined service schedule.

Earthbound –  A small, intimate gathering with a playful mix of Nature-based and Christian elements. Discussion and elements of worship.

Meditation – This group meets in the small resource room next to the Social Justice room in the Education Wing, and usually begin around 10:45.  Please contact for more information.

Social Justice – This group meets in the Social Justice room, which is the room at the northeast corner of the building (connects to the Community Hall.)  We are a group of people concerned about our world and its economic and political systems.  We spend our time together in conversation.  We usually read a short article from a current contemporary magazine, like Utne Reader or Yes, or from a newspaper, or off of the internet.  We have watched an occasional video, like For the Bible Tells Me So.  Once a month, we brainstorm and write a letter to President Obama (since he was elected) and have agreed to do so during his whole presidency.  We do not do any social justice actions as a group, although many of us make social justice efforts as individuals or as part of other groups like the Methodist Federation for Social Justice, or the League of Women Voters, or feeding the homeless, etc.  We don’t have homework or lay on any guilt about attendance.  We love new people dropping by and if you want information you may contact Deana Henry at or 512-480-0884.